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d-TOOLS uses Moodle


But what is Moodle?

Moodle is a online Course Management System that TNSFT utilises to provide their d-TOOLS online training courses and other valuable learning resources. Click here to log into d-TOOLS.


D-Tools is currently not taking new students.


d-TOOLS is a course by John Allen and David Hartshorne from The New Science of Fixing Things.


What is the d-TOOLS course all about?

The course introduces the student to graphical tools and analytical techniques used in the diagnosis of production problems. The course focuses on teaching the student how to create and properly interpret distribution plots, paired data plots, time series plots, and data maps. The course provides practical instruction on the correct techniques for gathering and plotting data, as well as common presentation pitfalls to look out for when selecting and presenting the tools.

What you can expect to find in the d-TOOLS course.

The course is packed with learning resources that go above and beyond a simple course. There are 8 main chapters to the core course. Each of these chapters is a Flash based, interactive, presentation of 20+ pages. Each chapter has a follow up (optional) quiz and a summary of the chapter to help you consolidate your understanding of the material presented. The following are a number of high quality bonus articles.

The following gives a run down of what you can expect.

Sections 1 to 8
Chapters 1 through 8 of the core Graphical Tools course.
An optional quiz for each chapter.
A Graphical Tools Overview pdf for each chapter.
Some chapters include videos on how to create specialised graphs in Excel.

Section 9
Bonus Material
These bonus materials will help to develop your understanding and skills in problem solving using the right kind of thinking along with graphical diagnostic tools.

The Model for Solving Technical Problems
Machines Don't Have Issues - Only People Do
Three Good Questions (and one not so good)
Fixing Things
Culture Change: Not Required!
Strategy, Structure and Tactics
Strategic Decomposition of Machine Behavior
Model Based Diagnostics

Section 10
Latest Bonus Material

This section holds the most recent bonus material. Be sure to check here now and again for updates. Examples include:

Chronicals of a Problem Solver
Chronicals of a Problem Solver Discussion Forum
Leak Testing
Tread Length Variation

Section 11
Technical Reference Documents

Section 12
Premium Bonus Articles
This area is reserved for our most important Bonus Articles for which, outside of d-TOOLS, we would normally make a charge.

Section 13
Case Studies, for example:

Case Study 1: The Case of the Door That Wouldn't Stay Shut.
Case Study 2: The Case of the Stuck Stepper Motor.
Case Study 3: The Case of the Run-Out Rotors

Section 14
Glossary and Glossary Translations

David Hartshorne and John Allen have years of experience solving tough technical problems in manufacturing, product performance and reliability around the world, mostly with people who make planes, trains and automobiles. They thrive on solving technical problems with speed, order, discipline and simplicity, and teaching clients how they do it!



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